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155-160 lbs./ 69.854-72.575 kgs.

Intercontinental IBA: VACANT


Intercontinental WBL: VACANT

International WBL: Mikey Wileman UK


Intercontinental WBF Fed:  VACANT

Intercontinental WBF Forum: Daniel Wanyonyi KEN

International WBF Forum: L.Wawrzyczczek POL

Intercontinental WBF Found: VACANT

International WBF Found: Sam Soliman AUS


Intercontinental WBU: VACANT

Intercontinental UBC: VACANT

Intercontinental  UBF:  Abraham Han USA

Intercontinental UBO: Armen Ypremyan ARM


International UBO:Marc Dube GER

Intercontinental PBF: VACANT

Intercontinental GBF: Dominik Horvath HUN

Intercontinental GBC: Denny Lehmann GER

Intercontinental GBU: Baker Barakat GER

Intercontinental IBU: VACANT

Intercontinental WPBF: VACANT

International WPBF: Bakhromjon Fozilov UZB

Intercontinental RBO: VACANT

Intercontinental WPC: VACANT

International WPC: Jonathan Barbadillo ARG

Intercontinental NBA: Shady Gamhour SWE

Intercontinental WIBF FEM: VACANT​

Intercontinental IFBA FEM: VACANT​

Intercontinental WIBA FEM: VACANT

Intercontinental ABO: Demetrius Andrade USA



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